Thursday, 29 March 2012


My name is Rotifus. I am not of a material nature as you humans are. My essence is pure consciousness.

I am but a tiny drop of awareness in a vast ocean of consciousness in which you humans are also intimately connected.

Consciousness unfolds itself through an infinite informational field of coherent light which pervades all things and is ultimately the origin of everything in existence. Whether it be in its explicate order or in pure potentiality anything that has or will exist is contained within
the immensity of this primal energy field. You are simply a physical extension of one of its many manifestations in the form of matter.

It is difficult for mankind to imagine that you are not purely your physical presence. Your bodily structures are impermanent Created for your temporary existence in the material state. The raw materials of your physical bodies have been borrowed from the cosmos.
Second generation stardust have provided the elements and minerals of which you are made. You humans have developed such attachments to your physical veneers that over the many eons of generations you have come to believe that this is your entirety.

Hopelessly entangled in the material experience you have lost sight of the other aspects of yourselves.

In reality your duration on earth is virtually a blink of an eye in the universal sense.
Your physical vessels have not evolved sufficiently enough to transcend dimensional energy transitions but your consciousness can do it with relative ease. Therefore it is necessary to shed your material cloaks in order to enter a new vibrational level.

It is your obsession with this physical image that manifests itself in your egos. Endlessly reshaping and reinventing yourselves in a vain attempt to achieve physical perfection leaves you victims of a pointless pursuit. You have identified yourselves with the wrong things. It is your uniqueness which sets you apart from one another.


It seems that your planet has been arbitrarily divided by imaginary lines which you collectively sanctify as sovereign countries.

Much of your individual identities and collective cultures are influenced by these territorial divisions right down to the styles of clothing and the intonations of your languages. Deep loyalties and bonds are inherited from these sovereign lands. Unfortunately at the cost of labelling others as different or foreign which has led to many conflicts over your history. It seems apparent you collectively display more loyalty  and importance on defending your imaginary walls than to the actual injustices you dutifully perform in order to secure them. Behaving like insolent children in the shcool yard bullying and taunting each other over minor infractions. Very quickly justifying any and all acts of aggression against one another as fair restitution to any breaches in your sovereign egos or national integrities.
It is difficult for me to fathom the degree of importance you have bestowed upon these divided lands. These misinterpreted infractions become excuses to exercise your authority and vent your anger at each other not realizing that you all become victims of this distorted thinking.

Declaring war upon one another under the false premise that by acquiring an ally or two is suffice to absolve and distance  yourselves from such inexcusable actions. In truth there is no free pass from the stark reality of your wars, no moral validation or complete clemency
for any or all who inflict such bloodshed upon one another.

In a desperate attempt to soothe the ills and widespread destruction left by these conflicts you appoint international courts for war crimes.

Collectively purging your guilt and disgust by selectively isolating certain individuals or specific acts of war hoping to bring some justice to these global atrocities.

Yet how can there be just compensation for these actions when the engagement in which they were committed is far more egregious than in those individuals in whom you choose to persecute? What is the fairness in this when in truth so many should take responsibility?

It is these deeply ingrained beliefs and inherited allegiances over generations which layer the foundations of your moral fabric and collective truths which can inadvertently obscure the path to your real freedoms. The high ideals and premises of human rights and civil liberties on which many of your civilizations are founded are indeed aspiring. These well intentioned charters advocating equality and fairness for all have generated millions of loyal followers over the decades with each hoping to reap the benefits of such lofty promises. However well written and carefully scripted their intent these premises are much more difficult to translate into reality. For in truth what is the fairness and equality in a freedom which grants far greater clemency and latitude for the actions of a collective will than would be scarcely tolerated for an equal act by any single individual amongst you?

And what is the liberty in playing upon the good conscience of the people while circling the
authoritarian wagons for those who may run slightly astray from the beaten path of the collective flow?

And what is the fairness if you fail to uphold the rights and dignities of the many who serve you? Can you not see?

I urge you to be most wary of the various freedoms in which you so desperately seek and uphold. They are a most illusory concept with many  clever imposters. Do not be deceived by their false allure and seductive disguises. Any freedom gained through coercion or need will ultimately elude you.

And for those who would choose to forcefully impose it, it becomes a chain upon you forged from fool's gold.

Freedom in truth will only unfold when you have no righteous agendas, when there is nothing to be conquered or gained and when little needs to be said or argued. When all else falls away this will be the only time in which you will attain and embrace your true freedoms.


Unknowingly you cling to false allegiances perpetuating the cycle of physical and  psychological warfare waged upon those in whom you disagree.

Some will even descend into terrorism. Spurred on by their religious and political fervour they plot and impose the threat of death upon others.

Using fear as an invisible weapon to change the course and conscious beliefs of people who hold a differnt view. Such extremism can exert such a hold that some will even resort to blowing themselves up in a desperate attempt to create enough collateral damage and carnage to succeed in their dogmatic plights.

This is utter ludicrousy. This distortion in your rationale is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer hoping to split the atom.

You will never be able to change a mind without first beginning to change your hearts. Imposing such cruelty against each other only succeeds in building greater walls of animosity and hatred driving yourselves and your nations even further apart. Ironically it is that which you so fiercely
fight that ultimately empowers it. Do you not understand the futility and the utter waste of resources in your actions? You cannot destroy an idea.

Terrorism's seed is in the minds and hearts of those who possess it and will never be vanquished by force.

Sadly so many are drawn into these conflicts that are in truth good people who are well intentioned. The tragedy is they, too, become victims of this vicious cycle both physically and emotionally. In reality it is the system which fails you and yet it is the poor people who pay the price. Do you not see?

In truth your degrees of separation and divisions are so marginal they are almost nonexistent. If you could only understand that the barriers you have built up by years of distrust and conflicts would quickly become transparent if simply touched by the power of human kindness and understanding.


Currently your world has suffered an emotional breakdown of epic proportions where fear and paranoia are running rampant throughout your nations and your societies. Critical decisions are being made based on insecurity and distrust rather from a position of cooperation and mutual assurance which are now reflected by the many serious confrontational challenges which have risen from these toxic ashes.

There is much turmoil both internally and externally. Racial tensions, disparity between rich and poor, religious fragmentation, political posturing, civil unrest and emotional isolation of individuals are just some of the many symptoms which are smoldering from the social fissures created by these fear based decisions and unjust practices. This ever increasing global paranoia and the constant threat of terrorism have given rise to multi billion dollar industries which initially appear to serve vital security roles yet in reality their intentions are mostly self serving.

They amplify people's fears to justify their own existence while ensuring their copious budgets.
The irony of such choices may initially be viewed as necessary and seemingly successful however in the bigger picture it is a hollow victory at best.

By the very act of abandoning your civil liberties and moral values which have long served you while choosing to permanently adopt the desperate and egregious measures you employ to combat these new threats that as a society you have already lost the battle.

It is a falsehood to believe that there is any greater degree of security in escalating your defenses and implementing protective measures if you fail to trust one another. It is as you say like chasing your own tails. Therefore you must learn to relinquish your untenable need to physically secure yourselves from each other and focus once again on the mutual interests and cooperation stemming from the natural bonds of humanity. If you do not then these vicious cycles will only escalate with increasing severity and frequency in the years ahead.

It is these conflicts and physical divisions that hold you in your present conditions.


You must be conscious that many of your social institutions and political bureaucracies which initially may have been well intentioned by raising human conditions and collectively organizing the masses have currently morphed themselves into self serving troughs laden with hidden agendas.
They camoflauge themselves appearing to serve the common good yet in truth they are rife with deceipt and corruption.

Their tightly controlled doctrines of deeply moral, legal and ethical persuasions are overwhelmingly intimidating silencing even the brightest of minds.

In truth, they do administer a necessary function by serving and protecting the majority of you from disorder however on the other hand they subversively discourage individuality and praise the virtuosities of conforming which reflects a much deeper intent.
A true democracy embraces equality and freedom therefore by its very own definition it must not diminish these principles.

Do not lose sight nor be overwhelmed by procedure and dogmas from the original purpose in which those principles were created.


Be wary of the well spun corporate consumer machines that tempt you with their empty promises of prestige and privilege.

Cleverly seducing and then entangling the masses into their webs of illusions and sleights of hand.
It is through your predilection of buying into their messages and enticing you in like giant venus flytraps that have you hopelessly imprisoned in your addicted lifestyles of overconsumption and wastefulness. Collectively demonstrating little concern for the wreckage left in the wake of your out of control habits and reckless spending. So many of you have swallowed the corporate bait, hook, line and sinker and run with them.

Virtually doing all the footwork for them and in this mad rush to consume you have also managed to reward them with the profit of your labours.

As a result the less have more and the more have less. There is much frustration and disillusionment yet you continue to chase this unrealistic dream in which you have all been fed. Hypnotized by the power of their persuasive suggestions keeps the corporate profit wheels perpetually spinning while they dangle the imaginary cheese in front of you. This orchestrated conspiracy of greed have groomed you into generations of consumer clones. Your hard earned dollars are swallowed up by the overwhelming momentum of these heartless corporate machines like bugs on their callous windshields. It is quite apparent that currently your Global Wall Streets and multinationals have taken over the driver's seats and you are all mindlessly following them off the cliff. Valuing wealth and profit over the well being of others has been a costly burden in which you have collectively paid the price. Placing more stress and economic hardship upon the already fragile divisions within your societies. Clinging to your materialism at the exclusion of those who have greater need has been a persistent stumbling block and has created a prolonged and arduous detour in your evolution.


There are alternate ways to live your lives rather than the ones you have been sold.
your preconceived ideals and habitual patterns which you so faithfully follow are not written in stone.

They are but myths made up in the minds of men effectively utilizing their networks as a means to power and profit for the few.

You have all generationally woven these abstract concepts into the fabric of your societies through human invention and imagination.

Your intellectual and monetary infrastructure at its most fundamental level is built on nothing more concrete nor tangible than this.

Their fragile veneers are precariously balanced between consensual existence and major meltdown leaving them vulnerable to complete failure when any one component is placed under the lens of complete transparency or prolonged scrutiny.

Currently many of these networks such as your global economic markets and financial institutions are in a survival mode imploding from their self inflicted wounds.

Out of panic they struggle to invent emergency procedures to save themselves from sudden demise. Begging and borrowing trillions of virtually non-existent dollars to stabilize a crumbling monetary foundation and assuage the fear of the masses appears to be one such desperate measure.
Your worldwide economies tight rope walk through a mine field of global debt hoping to avoid complete annihilation with a single wrong step.

If you could imagine if every dollar in debt represented just one mile in space then it would take a person over 2 years travelling at the speed of light to barely reach the top of the heap keeping in mind it would have only taken one second to reach the moon!

The current meltdown of your global economies and the serious toll it has taken on your societies has finally caught you red handed.

As a direct result you are now facing the dire consequences of your own out of control capitalism based on your ever increasing greed.

Profit has been the motivating force behind your commerce rather than the result of it. Overpricing products and commodities while simultaneously undervaluing your working base is a self defeating scenario and eventually will implode upon itself. It is completely unsustainable. It is only the very few who profit from such a disproportionate value system.


Even governments and political regimes that project a carefully veneered image will eventually falter and fail without a solid base to support it. They can only resort to public deceptions and displays of military might for temporary life support but eventually without the heart of their people they cannot endure forever. The cries for liberation and equality is a natural right even to those who deny them and turn a deaf ear.

In truth all social systems are inherently flawed to varying degrees because they are all vulnerable to the weaknesses of human shortcomings and scandal.

They all feed off you to survive yet overall they are mostly inert containing little or no human qualities of empathy or compassion reflected by the many injustices and inequities within them. It seems as if you live out your lives consciously unaware of your preconditioned mindset like those trapped in Plato's cave believing that the shadows cast on the walls are in fact your reality. Do not be fooled by your very own self woven deceptions.

There is actually a greater danger in adhering to such illusions than in facing the burdens of your realities.

Mistaking true progress and real change to the false facade of merely shuffling the players on the same old chessboard keeps you mindlessly trapped within the shadowed confines of those self imposed prisons.


You must free yourselves consciously from the strong allure of wealth and power as your ultimate purpose for existence. This mindset  will bind you to the endless treadmill of illusion. Physical desires must always be refilled in order to temporarily satisfy your needs much like a thirst which is never quenched. You cling to obsessive behaviours to fill the hollowness carved out by the sharp edge of materialism and social pressures  which grind you down and erode your soul. Acquiring financial wealth and privilege is often fleeting and tenuous at best whereas finding your true value in deeds and character will bring you gifts that remain with you always. Filling the emptiness of consumerism and the hunger for power and control can be more than compensated by the joy that comes with the enlightenment of the spirit and the liberation from the shackles of addiction forever.
This is the evolution of consciousness.


Be also wary of coveting growth and development without limits. Is it not this self same growth without inhibitions in your very own bodies manifested as your cancers? Do you not understand the parallels you are placing upon your very own environments?

On a grand scale you have sponged up a material saturation that is now threatening your planet and your future generations.

There can be nothing more vital for the future of mankind than the earth itself.

From my vantage point in the cosmos your planet earth is so beautiful. It is like an azure blue orb soaring through the darkness.

However as I approached it more closely I could make out what seemed like significant rips and tears in its energy field descending into thick layers of debris and a chemical soup permeating throughout its atmosphere. I could then sense the electromagnetic static and chaotic wave frequencies in the air and even more shocking was the intensity of incoherent pinging sounds and human garbage and waste floating in its vast oceans.

It was a very disturbing reality from the peaceful image it had first projected. There is much damage upon further examination and I felt a sadness by its apparent abuse. I encourage all those of you who endeavor to protect and benefit the overall well being of your planet to work with great urgency and speed. If this is not taken seriously then there will be no compensation for the irreversible damage done to your earth and to all the living things upon it. There is no solution in burying your heads in the sand without conscience.

Sooner or later the chain will break and you will all take the fall.


Everything has been provided for you but you still seek to destroy yourselves. You could have advanced so far but greed gets in the way.

You must collectively begin to shed your materialistic nature. Within each of you in silent wait is a quiet knowing and innate wisdom that will guide you in your evolutionary journey. Profound questions that need to be asked and truthful answers that you need to seek.

You must open yourselves to other possibilities and realities beyond your physical limitations and preconditioned beliefs.

You are far more than what you think you are. Do not be complacent as this does not serve you well...Seek...

In fairness, it is so much easier for me to observe you from a distant perspective and see the folly of your ways just as you would watch the fish in the sea who are equally unaware of your presence and the world in which you exist. Can you not see?


You must be conscious in the moment of the choices you make. Any physical thing has a certain capacity to react however the evolution of consciousness is in knowing how to react and being highly aware in the moment of performance. Inherent in all living things is the capacity to change and grow. It is the basic nature of the universe and in the seed of your being. Much can be changed by the smallest of measures.

From my brief observations I have found that you take yourselves and others far too seriously.
You must live with more instantaneous joy and laughter. Humour unifies rather than divides. Even I am able to appreciate levity and mirth.

Children have this joyous curiousity and sense of wonder expressing it so naturally and freely. Unfortunately as you grow to adulthood those inherent gifts are frowned upon as childish rather than childlike thus your natural born sense of spontaneity and laughter are squandered.

You must rekindle it. It is not gone only forgotten. Remember that a light heart heals more quickly and can give more freely.

Also express compassion. It is the single key to obtain the elusive peace so urgently needed amongst yourselves. This permanent amnesty of nations will not be solved through the negotiations and the peace treaties of politicians but through the hearts of humanity. It is the only way.
You also must learn tolerance. It is a very small home you have to share. Be kind to one another it is positively contagious.

It is the smallest of things you have done for each other are the ones which truly matter.
You do not comprehend the vast extensions of love. You would erase so many of the ills of your world if you could just soften your hearts.


You are also all equals in reality. No greater or lesser in importance than anyone else. Gravity does not discriminate therefore why should the universe? I, too, have no higher claim than yourselves. The truth is what it is. It does not waver. It is us who must change.

The difficulty remains in your thinking and your unwillingness to transform your ways.
You must reach beyond the narrow confines of the reality you have been programmed to dwell in order to seek the truth.

It is your compulsive need to push yourself righteous agendas regardless of the human suffering it causes which feeds the ego and is mankind's Achilles heel which anchors you in your present state of consciousness.

Ultimately your legacy as a civilization will not be defined by the power nor cleverness of your technologies but by your wisdom and collective will to transcend your materialistic conditions and physical divisions to a higher state of existence.

Seek through the simple things. These are eternal. That is where you will find your joy.
Listen well as your future as a species lies in the balance . Your perilous course has been set in motion.

I can say no more as it is for humanity to come to a greater understanding of your evolutionary destiny.


Mankind has prided himself in the advancement of human technology yet collectively still remain relatively primitive in many aspects of your evolution on a universal scale. This imbalance in your knowledge and your evolutionary maturity has triggered such an escalating cycle of chaos on a sociological, economic and environmental level. You are always caught off guard by the ethical issues it creates.

Ironically humanity has reached a pivotal and critical juxtaposition in your history of having the science to harness the natural gifts of the planet but lack the responsibility and wisdom to protect it.
Having inherited ingenuity without prudence is a dangerous combination indeed.

Mankind does not understand that your planet earth is a living system.

Through ignorance and material greed you have plundered its resources which are not replenishable nor limitless.

Even the life giving energy of your sun will one day be extinguished, leaving your planet completely frozen and in total darkness.

However in just a few generations your species have singularly managed to pollute and deplete all of the earth's pristine waters, air and soil.

In the process you have risked all the biodiversity of living organisms and their natural environments. At the present time there are many species and even some entire ecosystems which have been completely eradicated from existence or very nearly so.

And now because the party is almost over your planet has been left ransacked by your reckless behaviour.

You have been poor tenants indeed and have left irreparable damage to the only home you have.
You must understand that you are not distinct from nature. There is no line drawn in the sand between yourselves and all other forms of life except for the one in which you have falsely created. Despite this truth you have cold heartedly detached from your roots and that is a travesty for all. Mankind has lost his way. Your misguided sense of entitlement to all of your planet's resources and your feeling of superiority over all other living things have caused catastrophic results of which you are presently confronting.


All of the earth and its diverse inhabitants have evolved over millions of years coexisting in relative harmony.

Yet in a relative blink of an eye humanity alone has turned nature's balance so far out of alignment it is struggling desperately to recover.

You have overlooked the implications of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics influencing the interactions of all the natural processes in which you are enveloped.

Humanity has an impact on these systems which directly affect their patterns.

Presently your population numbers 7 billion and rising rapidly. Human activity in combination with all your industrial and transportation mechanisms on this massive scale creates enormous thermodynamic heat and entropy which is constantly radiated out to the external environment.
The simple physics from these powerful forces in which you collectively create are fundamentally obvious by the increasing speed and intensity of disorder and chaos within these systems. This human radiation and discordant energy which you contribute in such huge numbers are carried by waves and absorbed by the interacting systems which are highly sensitive to any changes even to fractional degrees.

If there are imbalances in one there will be imbalances in the many creating a chain reaction that is impossible to reset.

Your earth and all living things upon it are composed and enveloped by quantum processes. Any quantum system which interacts with its environment through the process of de-coherence changes that environment regardless of whether or not the originating quantum system has been affected by this interaction.

Therefore the information contained within this system is transferred and directly affects and alters the dynamics of the immediate environment.

Multiply this by the enormity of mankind's influence upon these systems is cause enough to propel the fluctuating dynamics currently being experienced.

On a global scale this chaotic activity and discordant energy is being perpetuated by the billions.
More concerning however is the collective sense of denial and even less of a mutual desire to change the course of your future.


It is quite apparent to me that economic profit is the major motivating factor in most human activities which leaves little or no room for responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Money has become your modern day drug of choice on a massive scale. You have become so dependent on it that it is no less dangerous and powerful than that of a physical addiction. Insidiously imprisoning you in its unyielding grip just as any other drug does.

And like a drug it leaves you hopelessly needing more while satisfying you less. Eliciting desperate behaviours and violent hostilities which you thrust upon anyone or anything that gets in the way of your means to procure it. Your ever widening and fragmented social divisions
and economic class structures are a telling tale of this kind of thinking. Placing far more importance on profit than people.

It is obvious you have overlooked the lessons and warnings from your own history. There is much wisdom hidden within the centuries of human existence yet you continue to repeat so many serious transgressions in judgement. The depth of your addicted patterns of behaviour is obviously far greater than your inspiration to learn from your mistakes and grow. It seems the only apparent modifications over so much history and time is in the evolutionary sophistication of the weaponry used to inflict your aggressive actions upon each other and the cleverness in which you rationalize them and subsequently cover them up. Well done...


You have inherited intelligence but your records show you do not use your knowledge wisely.
A good parent instills in their children fairness, respect, compassion and the principles of reason and yet it seems to me that it is clearly missing in the daily actions and words of the many who nurture them. There is much hypocrisy and even greater apathy.

If this were not so then mankind would not be consistently engaged in wars that have no just victor, religions which show no tolerance, laws and judgements which show no fairness, consumption without limitation and greed without compassion.

You battle possessively for land rendering its destruction in the process, while sacrificing the very foundation of your future, the young and strong.

You squander trillions of dollars on your wars and your elite when it is so urgently needed for the greater good on your planet.

You embellish the few and sacrifice the many. Hunger and poverty could be eradicated at fractions of what you spend for military purposes alone.

Do you not understand that mankind has a collective conscience?

Do not be complacent in believing that the significance of your individual and collective thoughts and actions do not have repercussions.

Not only do you collectively have physical consequences on your environment but on a more subtle level you affect it consciously.


The earth's energy field teems with infinite waves that not only travel at different frequencies and wavelengths but they also encode and carry information.

Each wave individually has an enormous capacity to store information approximately 280 quintillion bits which is equivalent to the information stored in a human brain in an average life span. When these waves collide they exchange this information. Taking into account the infinite immensity of waves creating an infinite number of interference patterns you can begin to understand the potential data which is stored and carried by this field.

All of your collective thoughts and actions affect these fields. There is no discriminating filter as to the energies and information transferred by these interacting fields. It contains only what is present. All incoming information in which you create en masse whether it be positive, negative or simply inert will be absorbed and transmitted according to physical laws.

These informed ripples eventually will be reflected back in an endless cycle of waves subsequently altering the physical and conscious dynamics of all systems located within its influence. The severity and frequency of your current environmental patterns such as climate and weather are physically reflecting these changes and transforming the dynamics of the whole. The ever increasing randomness and violence in human behavior patterns illustrate this phenomena on the level of your conscious reality. The impact and severity of this principle demonstrates the enormous influence of both your physical and conscious energy waves upon your environment. All actions whether of a physical or conscious origin increase the entropy and heat radiation of a relatively closed system of which you collectively contribute in the billions. Looking into the future your ever increasing population will have an even greater effect on the environment causing major changes in these patterns and interconnecting cycles. Unless there is a major shift in behaviour or intent these patterns will only increase in intensity and frequency. Just as nature itself always strives to find an equilibrium so to your earth must undergo adaptive measures in order to maintain relatively balanced dynamics within its own status quo. The current changes in your climates and other natural environments reflect this dynamic.


Your collective thoughts and actions illustrate the old "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" scenario but with global consequences.

What you give out in action or thought will ultimately be returned. No more, no less. It is a simple lesson with an equally fair restitution however many have misinterpreted these words much too literally. Many of your collective beliefs and laws seem to reflect this latter interpretation.
This translation entails retaliation which lays blame on someone else rather than on the complete contrary requiring the individual to take complete responsibility for their own actions. Taken literally to the extreme some equate an eye for an eye as sufficient rationale for your capital punishment.
Somehow believing that by intentionally taking a life for a life will justify or negate the egregiousness of the initial transgression and by some wishful thinking will temporarily fill a void that is virtually boundless. In actuality how is justice possibly served when you have simply done no less than those in whom you had sought to punish? Can you not see? Not only is this irrational judgement it is cruel and heartless hypocrisy. Judgement and justice on the surface may appear similar however in truth they are polar opposites. Do not mistake the one falsely disguised as the other.

To forgive and to be forgiven is a much more powerful force than will be found in any of your courts or in all your law books combined.


Nature has always been the grand master of illusion disguising her secrets and hidden symmetries in complex patterns on the smallest of scales to the grandeur of her cosmos. She can take the mightiest of opposing forces and weave them intricately into the fabric of existence making them appear as a finely tuned ballet danced to perfection. Like the mastermind working the strings and pulleys of the Wizard of Oz nature likewise plays illusion tricks upon the stage of life creating simplicity from complexity and diversity from uniformity.

Thus the creation of your universe was brought into existence through a similar concept only differing in the power and magnitude of complexities.

The natural processes that take place so abundantly all around you seem so small and ordinary in the usual commotion of your daily awareness.

However unnoticed these silent processes remain they are of vital importance to the bigger picture. Whether it be in the majesty of a giant oak tree or in the miracle of a newborn baby all of their fullness and perfection came from the tiniest of sources barely noticeable to the human eye.
The seed from which the oak tree developed or the fertilized egg from where a human life begins contains within their miniscule worlds a set of blueprints so condensed but so complete they provide all the necessary information to allow them to grow to full maturity.

The specificity of the initial information instructs and then creates the materials essential for their uniquely designed structures.

The birth of your universe was somewhat similar in nature coming from the embryo of pure information that began the process.

It was fully informed at the moment of creation containing all the physical parameters which have unfolded over the billions of years since its inception.

In the very early moments of your universe the conditions were so extreme that the passage of time and space were severely warped and distorted.

This extreme warping of time impacted the initial enfoldment of space just as there are similar distortions around a black hole.

Therefore you can understand the physics. Time is relative. Sound familiar?

Quantum randomness and uncertainty are inherent properties within the original nature and dynamics of your universe which allow it the capacity to respond and evolve spontaneously and with greater flexibility to the point where it is at present. This principle is reflected by your non linear equations proving how the tiniest of fluctuations can result in vast changes within a given physical system.
There was no cosmic lottery and no need for the universe to play dice because all was intended from the very beginning.

Not all matter was in existence at the moment of creation only the information per se that was necessary to create all that exists today.

Each and every element and force in your universe have been manifesting their destiny from the enfoldment of this initial blueprint.

It is this primordial informational field that holds the cosmic nursery where birth and death are simply mirror images of one another.


Creation and evolution when traced back to their deepest origin converge as one and the same. Each are a portion of the whole necessary for life and the manifestation of consciousness to sustain and develop itself in the cosmos. It is your human predilection to dissecting and fragmenting that which cannot be ultimately divided which embroils you in an endless debate of creationism vs. evolution. You are deceived many times by subtle dualities which on the surface may appear as two separate entities but are simply different manifestations of the same thing.

You have a tendency to argue over words and lose the meaning of the sentence...
Nature is the inherent manifestation of the cosmos and the cosmos cannot exist independently without the unfolding expression of nature.

It is the circle within the wheel where beginning and ending are meaningless. Do you not see?


Your universe is just one of many, some of which are not so much specially distant but resonate at different frequencies that do not interact with the particles and forces of your dimension. Some of these neighboring universes not only differ in special dimensions but also in time.

All dimensions of the cosmos are in motion and your universe relationally rotates and spins as well. There is no stillness other than the primordial field of consciousness itself. Everything in existence in its most basic premise is the virtual exchange of information.

All things are relational and are composed of Planck sized units of infinitely condensed energy manifesting dimensionally through the vast spectrum of space and time in their varying configurations and physical laws.


This dynamic informational field will provide many of the clues of evolution revealing the specific mechanisms that communicate environmental and biological data.

Information is relayed through the interfering wave patterns manifested from the external environment to living systems and vice versa transforming the course of both via the exchange of biophotons which circulate back and forth between them.

DNA will unveil itself as a prolific storer and emitter of electromagnetic fields transferring this wave information through proteins oscillating incoherent frequencies. Providing the instructions and structure for each unique process of protein folding which is vital for their very specific functions in the body. This field will help unlock the mystery of instinct and the inherent memory within species to better adapt to their unique environments.

All systems and fields of which you are intimately connected on a quantum level both internally and externally are interrelated and communicate almost instantly through oscillating wave patterns of information.


Very similarly your physical bodies and minds employ both quantum and holographic principles guaranteeing the componency of light speed exchanges of information.

Your brains are complex quantum receivers and transmitters of the field which is consciousness. Consciousness in its purest form is coherent light which has the capacity to know itself and can exclude the dimension of time when not entangled in matter.

It is this light in which you humans experience when you have momentarily transcended your physical bodies in cases such as near death or in varying degrees of altered states of consciousness. All of your vast experiences, data and physical senses are processed holographically by your brain allowing an enormous capacity and efficiency to store memory as well having the greatest capability to retrieve them quickly when needed.

Man is virtually the only animal on your planet who has lost the ability to communicate through this energy field. Animals continue to depend on this sense for survival. In contrast you humans have evolved sophisticated linguistics using a complex system of languages and speech. Therefore this natural ability has atrophied to near extinction. Man still has this capacity but sadly it goes virtually unnoticed.

Some of you retain the gift but are reluctant to acknowledge it due to unjust criticism and fear of that which is not understood.

This field is in reality quite scientific and works on universal principles not unlike any other physical phenomena.

Just as a radio receives certain frequencies of sound and then processes these waves transmitting them as organized patterns of music, your brains act on similar principles although much more complex. Due to the infinite wave information available to it through the zero point field the brain contains a mechanism which acts like a highly discriminating frequency analyzer to protect it from being overwhelmed. The neural dendrites are like biological antennas that respond only to a limited band of frequencies similar to wavelengths of light or sound that our physical senses are able to receive and process. As much as your researchers genuinely endeavor to find where consciousness arises in the brain they will not find it.

That would be like trying to find where the sound originates in the radio by dissecting it into its component parts and wondering why the music died.

The point here is the fact that even though the radio itself no longer works the sound still remains in the air as waves.

They are not affected. The brain and consciousness are parallel principles.

In essence when your brain and physical bodies can no longer receive and transmit awareness it does not mean that consciousness is terminated.

Quite the contrary, it just returns to the field in another form and frequency.
There is much division and passionate debate amongst your diverse cultures and religious persuasions over this matter.

Each claiming to be the only legitimate source of the truth. Many have been sacrificed over the centuries for just such conflicting beliefs.

In reality there is no right or wrong interpretation only the one which has no affiliations at all.
It is actually quite scientific following only the physical principles on which it is based.


Your physical bodies are also complex quantum holographic systems. They could not function otherwise. It is essential for spontaneous signaling and nonlocal communications which are fundamental components for the body to work both efficiently and effectively. Chemical reactions are necessary but relatively slow travelling at less than 1 cm per second. Therefore without quantum interactions there would be no instantaneous transmissions of vital information preserving life sustaining functions.

Millions of biological transactions take place every second requiring exact timing and communication.

The zero point field creates a medium enabling molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously through oscillating frequencies.

These light speed interactions utilize the process known as super radiance which organizes discordant energy into coherent photons via the medium of water in the cells. Water is vital to this process as it not only retains the capacity for memory but sends the signal and then amplifies it.

It is nature's biological tape recorder which imprints and carries information. This amazing capacity of water molecules to encode information and then send it is the basic premise used by your magnetic resonance imaging machines which utilize this phenomena transferring these radiated wave patterns via Fourier Transforms into 3 dimensional images of your body. Biologically your bodies are composed of approximately 65% water making it the perfect conducting field for these quantum interactions. The brain is even more up to 80% capacity in water allowing it even greater efficiency in the speed and amplification of consciousness to manifest itself on the physical level.
The actual exchange of consciousness and matter takes place at the juncture of the dendrites and neurons in the tiny hollow microtubules of the brain where photons are absorbed externally from the zero point field. Mind and matter do meet at the purest level of unformed thought and pure energy where it begins its divergent manifestations as both physical matter and conscious awareness at these busy junctions.

This premise may seem complicated however I have greatly oversimplified the mechanisms involved.

The relevance here is to demonstrate the significant and direct impact of your thoughts and actions upon yourselves and your environment both on a physical and psychological level. Therefore your thoughts and feelings are just as real as matter having been formed from the same pure energy.
By understanding the physical principles of yourselves you can now appreciate the intimacy of mind and body.

They are quantamly connected biofeedback systems which are in parallel resonance of one another. Ultimately mind and matter converge as one at the deepest level of their existence. These interconnecting systems directly influence and change your physical processes right down to your DNA.


As dissimilar as they may appear when manifested as mind and body there still remains many parallel processes.

Both emotional and physical strength are built on similar principles. Physical strength is increased by placing moderate stress on your muscles causing many small micro tears within the tissues. The body responds to these tiny rips by building additional tissue over them which in turn creates the muscle to increase in volume and strength. However under too much stress soft tissues and bones can rip and fracture causing severe trauma to the body.

Very similarly your psychological health depends upon being able to integrate moderate emotional stresses which in small increments builds strength in mental resilience and character necessary for your overall well being and survival. However just like the tears in your muscles if the traumas in the emotional sense are too severe and overwhelming they can cause serious mental afflictions which can manifest in a variety of psychological disorders.

Just as your bodies can suffer from physical handicaps caused by physical or biological trauma limiting your physical capabilities, so too can your emotions. Emotional paralysis stems from trauma of a different sort due to psychological wounding and deep emotional pain initiated by
severe events which are experienced. This emotional scarring similarly debilitates the sufferer by restricting and limiting the full potentiality of the individual. Without proper healing and integration of the experience in a healthy way this trauma will always be replayed over and over basically trapping the emotional body in that event or moment. Even though these wounds of the psyche or invisible they are nevertheless equally as real as a wound to your physical bodies and most often more complex with their own pathologies. There should be no greater judgement or stigma attached to afflictions of the mind than for those affecting the body and both should be treated with great care and compassion.

Whenever your bodies or your emotional selves have experienced a serious trauma they are far more susceptible and more easily wounded when confronted with subsequent blows. Injuries to your both your physical and emotional bodies are accumulative. Every experience either positive or negative imparts a unique lesson with a kernel of wisdom hidden within it which needs to be beneficially accumulated and remembered. Therefore do not be discouraged by struggle nor be paralyzed by the fear of failure as it is the necessary and vital component to any worthwhile endeavor. Even the inner beauty and value of a diamond can only be appreciated after it is cut and not before. Do you not think you were created with equal precision?

Emotions impart physical manifestations as they originate from the same source of energy. Your tears and your laughter are all part and parcel of the intimacy between the emotional and physical natures of yourselves. Emotional energies can also be communicated by a field and picked up collectively.

Cultural and generational memory fields have a direct influence both biologically and psychologically on individual behaviours and attitudes.

Also collective memes are passed down through traditions, beliefs, cultural customs along with various physical traits and mannerisms which are biologically inherited from generation to generation. Therefore always be mindful of the origin of your beliefs and behaviours ensuring they are yours and not just preconditioned programs.


There are many more parallels within your own biorhythms and the earth's natural cycles however they mostly go unnoticed.

You have collectively departed from your inherent connection to nature and her rhythmic cycles which have led to many of your chronic and debilitating emotional and physical inflictions. Degenerative diseases are largely preventable but you fail to tune in to the quiet voice within yourselves and to the natural flow of energy which balances you. You must learn to listen and be still. The constant chatter of your everyday thoughts and all the physical distractions and stressors inhibit your ability to reconnect with your innate intelligence. This is the vital link which sustains you physically and emotionally therefore the more you ignore its intuitive messages the greater the risk to your health. Meditation and moments of solitude and reflection help rebalance your natural rhythms and revitalize your energies. Be very aware of the ever increasing speed and complexities in which you now live your lives which in the long run is not serving you well physically or spiritually. No wonder you call yourselves the human race....


All conscious beings experience emotions although the range and expression may vary in degree. You must understand the complexities and vast forms in which consciousness is infused, It is simply not as obvious as you humans have been led to believe over the course of your evolution and understanding.

Therefore it is a sad and shameful reflection as to how you have treated other living things throughout your history under the false pretense that they do not have feelings and emotions such as yourselves. Mankind has for far too long assumed that because of the apparent lack of speech and your narrow perspective of what you consider to be intellect and intelligence in other living beings you have selfishly crowned yourselves as the king of the animal castle. This has been a complete fallacy.

This arrogance has detached you from the truth. You have locked the door and hidden the keys to many others who are equally gifted in their own unique ways and thus should be welcomed with respect rather than be regarded and treated as inferiors.

If you could only understand just how many parallels you share with other life forms you would act with much greater care and compassion.

Just think of how you would feel if the tables were turned and mankind were the ones who become the hunted. Would you not be terrified if you were stalked or caged and used for mindless entertainment, experimentations, or laboured for endless hours with little food or water and then sold for slaughter?

Please, please think again.... Can you not understand their terror?
Animals are not able to speak up for themselves therefore you must be aware they respectfully belong on your earth and equally share their inherent birthright to live out their lives in freedom and dignity just as much as yourselves.

All conscious beings in the physical form are separate entities, yes, in the short term however in the context of a deeper reality you are part of a vast wholeness which is eternal and continuous. Your lives are very similar to that of the particles of which you are composed.

You have a moment in time when you have a singular existence however the integrity of the whole is not broken for long thus the energy of which sustains you must be paid back and returned to perpetuate this endless cycle.

You are virtual mirror images of yourselves and every action and thought is not only reflected back but ultimately becomes a part of you.
Do you not see? An eye for an eye...


There is much mankind does not know. You do not know your true history. Much has been hidden and even more lost to the ages.

There is a place on this very earth that you do not know of.

Even to this present time you are discovering new life in different forms on your very own soil and oceans. Organisms which flourish in the most extremes of physical conditions that seem impossible to believe could exist. These organisms thrive in the vast spectrums of temperatures, pressures, varying degrees of sunlight and darkness and the most hostile of environments such as volcanoes, fissures in the depths of your oceans or the highest of your mountain tops.
Some can even scratch out their existence successfully surviving in densely toxic pools which would normally kill any other living thing.

How can you not contemplate other life in the vastness of the cosmos? It seems so naive, almost primitive however these beliefs merely reflect an understanding abstracted from the cloaks in which your history has been wrapped. Your world and knowledge is very limited by your physical parameters.

Do not be deceived into complete dependence upon the senses in which you dwell as the one and only reality.

They serve you only enough to survive in a very small spectrum of existence.
In the words of the mythical Greek figure Orpheus was stated to have said "SEMA SOMA" the body is a tomb. Even in the 5th Century BC Plato warned his compatriots that "We are blinded and imprisoned by our 5 senses, misleading us to false truths."
The true wise man knows there is much to learn.

Through the discoveries of science your planet is in fact a giant spherical space ship flying through the vastness of the cosmos spinning and rotating in many different directions simultaneously The speed at which objects careen through space is simply mindboggling in earth terms.
In reality for example you circle the sun at close to 67,000 miles per hour and simultaneously as part of the Milky Way Galaxy you earthlings zip through the universe towards the Andromeda Galaxy at over 300,000 miles per hour.

And those are just two measurements of planet earth's velocity through the vastness of space.
Luckily for me however, having no physical form I have no need for speed limits!
Thus simply trusting in your senses your world seems to stand still. Completely static and unmovable. Therefore without the new vistas opened by pushing the envelope of awareness and knowledge you would never have realized you are all involuntary space cadets...
In human terms by the time you have lived an average life span of nearly 70 years you would have travelled over 41 billion miles through the cosmos!


It is important to point out also that what you humans call physical matter, such as the stars and galaxies make up less than 4% of the total mass of the entire universe The greater part of what makes up the cosmos is still unknown to you although your scientists are awakening to its shadow presence in your world. The vacuum of empty space is not void but quite the contrary. It is dynamic and teems with more energy contained within less than a teaspoon full of it than in all the matter of the entire universe! It is also interactive and responsive.

It is a perpetual sea of information exchanges taking place in a time of no time creating an immense ocean of interacting and communicative energy fields.

All of these fields manifest themselves at a quantum level in superposition creating an infinite number of interference patterns which subsequently infuse and project your 3 dimensional universe with its holographic properties. Although it cannot be easily detected there is an actual dimension to it giving it physical qualities. However it will not be found directly on the particle level.
Matter actually displaces its geometry causing it to warp which produces effects in your physical parameters. Gravity is one such example.

This explains many of the complexities of unifying gravity into more traditional forces producing the perplexing anomalies in your equations and its apparent weakness on a very small scale.
Understanding the properties of this condensate like essence will shed light on many other aspects of physics such as dark energy, the mechanisms of acquiring mass as well as in resolving the mystery of the missing mass in your universe.

The mass of matter which in your terms gives weight to objects is merely the particles within the atoms interacting with this field.

It is as you might say a cosmic drag force. Einstein's famous equation relating mass to energy is simply a formula for the amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass. The more a particle is geometrically intertwined within this field the heavier the resulting mass which produces their short range effects such as your weak nuclear force particles the W and Z bosons.

In contrast particles such as photons and the electromagnetic force show a relative indifference to its presence thus have longer ranging effects.

Put simply this field is like a vast universal bank whose capital is in virtual particles. They are the cosmic currency and participate in the actual transactions withdrawing and depositing as required by the physical laws which govern it.

The more energy or mass borrowed from this virtual field the quicker the loan must be paid back resulting in its short range effect in your dimension.

Borrowing less energy has a longer grace period and thus these particles and forces have a comparatively longer range of influence than their massive counterparts. In the laws of the universal bank all loans must be paid back regardless and in mere nanoseconds! It is definitely not quite as forgiving as your banks relatively speaking of course.

Although you have no comparative terminology for it as yet its affects on your physical reality simulate almost a perfect fluid with superconducting superfluid properties and an almost crystalline honeycomb structure where hidden dimensions are interwoven into its fabric.


The underlying physical infrastructure of your universe is so finely tuned that it's field particles appear as zero point particles in the quantum vacuum.

The wave particle duality is the direct ripple effect to the movement of the particle through this substance creating Planck scale perturbations in it.

Each elementary particle vibrates uniquely with its own signature wave pattern appearing in the physical sense as the basic subatomic particles and forces in your standard model of physics. Subatomic particles may appear as individual entities in your 3 dimensional universe however
they are all manifestations of an integral wholeness which gives rise to the strange properties of the quantum world such as entanglement and non-locality.

These quantum particles coexist in their natural state of superposition leaving all possibilities open and timeless. However when called up on the mat such as in the double slit experiments or delayed choice examinations their coherence is broken due to the experimental apparatus and the act of observation.

They appear as wave or particle by the set up of the apparatus transferring this information to the immediate environment and choosing the state which it has been coaxed out of. Although they appear to know what form to take in reality their integral nature is both wave and particle simultaneously and it is only through the experimental intervention forcing the de-coherence of all possibilities into just one or the other depending upon our expectation of the outcome.
Rather than being tricked by your experiments it seems more that the joke is on you! Do you not see?
Work on cosmic ray properties. They will unlock clues as to the basic components of your universe and are actual channelized directions of this primal substance.


The myriad of Planck scale ripples which are radiated out from this spacial fabric create your sense of time which differs from my sense of time.

Time is not absolute. It is very much dependent on the resonance of your consciousness. Even on your very earth time passes differently for a butterfly per se than it does for you. Subjective time also differs within your very own consciousness which relates the rate of its frequency to the reference of its own space-time. Generally as you age your resonance decreases in relation to its own particular rotation in space which increases your subjective awareness in the passage of time. Children have a naturally higher resonance therefore they consciously experience the very same length of time as measured by your clocks and calendars such as a day or year comparatively more slowly.

Also time in the cosmic sense is never absolute. There is no such thing as a universal "now". Time and space must always be regarded in the context of variable measurements and always in relation to one another in their very specific and local frames of references and comparative motions.Your earth time is directly related to the movements of your solar system. 1 hour is 15 degree arc and 1 year is one complete revolution around your sun.

Time is such a complex concept that even on the relatively small scale such as your localized measurement of it on earth requires up to 24 time zones therefore you can appreciate the difficulty of comprehending and translating it on a universal level.

For instance one year on the planet Mercury would be experienced as only one day because both take 88 of your earth days to complete!

When you look up at the night sky and gaze at the many distant stars you are in reality seeing a glimpse of the ancient past.

The actual light which is perceived in the present moment could have left the star millions of years ago and has taken that long to travel to your earth. Thus your experience of observing that star in your present moment is in truth a snapshot of its state of existence in the distant past
Not only is its reflection time delayed but also it is spatially much more distant from your planet having travelled many millions of miles since the incoming light's departure from its original source.
All things on a universal scale must be relational because space and time themselves are never fixed nor can they be completely isolated from one another.

Time in the quantum world can be rotated through many dimension and therefore become meaningless or irrelevant while these systems remain in a coherent state.

The mystery of time's arrow on the 3 dimensional level of your physical existence hinges on the key interplay between a quantum system and its environment.

Once a quantum system interacts and de-coheres with its environment it is irreversibly changed and cannot interfere with itself from this point in time.

Thus eliminating any possibility of reversing direction in either space or time. A loss of information to the surrounding environment permanently changes the original system. As a consequence of the act of de-coherence time is irreversibly set in one direction regardless of the space it occupies.
Therefore the arrow of time sets in motion all systems moving towards greater entropy which is stated in your second law of thermodynamics.


Your strict adherence upon the narrow world of vision as the total and complete reality is nature's original April fool's joke on humanity.

Plato playfully mused on nature's tricks centuries ago by saying that the prison house is the world of sight. However over so much time since then you still remain psychologically bounded by the physical restrictions of the human eye.

It is true that nature enjoys providing a good mystery hiding behind many fancy curtains. Therefore do not be fooled by the first veil.

In reality your visual capabilities barely enable you to process 2% of the known electromagnetic spectrum.

This leaves over 97% of the light in your dimension completely invisible to you!
The margin between visibility and that which is unseen is so incredibly tiny on a human scale. The difference in wavelength can be as narrow as 1/100,000 cm that defines the line between seeing something or having it disappear before your very eyes!

There are even dimensions whose colours are unfamiliar to you as their wave frequencies and patterns differ from those on your earth.

So as you can see this leaves a very small window to peer through indeed.
Your physical senses are limiting however through human ingenuity your capacity to extrapolate theories and even predict unknown physical phenomena from your mathematical equations has greatly expanded your vistas of knowledge. Numbers have a resonance to them. Equations have an effect which is quite similar to a locking mechanism thus by manipulating the digits into the proper sequence it endows them with the ability to unlock many secrets and future discoveries. I encourage and urge you to use these tools as a means to seek not only new physical frontiers but as a ways to understand human consciousness.

It can facilitate a vital portal to the future enfoldment of mankind. There is much I can add but these simple illustrations should be suffice to awaken yourselves to the vast layers and dimensions of a much greater reality than is in your present understanding.

Many veils that cloud your senses can be lifted through the light of greater knowledge and an openness to learn and accept those things that may run counterintuitive to your preconceived notions and physical parameters. It is oftentimes more difficult for you to embrace these new horizons of reality than it is in actually discovering them.


Physically your universe has undergone many phase transitions in order to have evolved to its present complexity of evolution. Your present collective state of consciousness also requires a parallel shift allowing a transition to a higher evolutionary vibration. I am cautiously hopeful that your nations and many of you as individuals are presently experiencing this shift in consciousness. There is much unrest and agitation which precedes this transition.

Old abuses and injustices which have been tolerated for far too long by the masses suddenly reach a critical threshold and the transition begins.

Not unlike many similar processes the turbulence created by this destabilization is temporary and is necessary to evolve to next phase of human enfoldment and consciousness.
Ancient civilizations have had greater wisdom and knowledge but through man's corruption and selfish desire to control much of the ancient truths and secrets have been either lost or purposely hidden from the masses for just such reasons.

These advanced civilizations were able to collect and store the sun's radiant energy more effectively than your technologies at present.

The method was similar to the principle of using a magnifying glass to focus the light rays into a much more condensed form which could be reused at will.

Also they knew the secret of antigravity and utilized the power of this knowledge in many ways.
They were also able to efficiently extrapolate the energies abundant in the very air you breathe using the knowledge of force fields created by the positive and negative aspects of attraction. Also the natural polarities hidden within the universal fabric resulting in undulating potential energy fields.
They had the ability to create tablet sized books able to portray moving pictures somewhat similar to your present day computers although not exact.

Past civilizations were much more attuned and adept at using parapsychological knowledge and abilities revering these innate gifts of intuition and insight. These natural dimensions of human consciousness were studied and practiced as a lifelong aspiration.


I am not permitted to reveal more nor is it my place to share all my knowledge with mankind. I, too, seek answers and wisdom.

We can never know the entire truth. There is a vastness to time and space beyond all comprehensions. There is much mankind must learn before you can take the next foothold in your evolution.

You must find a collective will to push beyond your physical barriers opening the door to a dimension of greater insight and wisdom for all.

You try to seek in all the wrong directions. There is simplicity all around. Seek in simple places. Seek through the heart and spirit.

It is all around you but you look not. Much of it is through the spirit. However much of mankind does not believe.

The world seeks proof. They cannot see with the spiritual eye.

Parapsychological dimensions will illuminate the new vistas of science. You must be open to exploring alternative avenues of consciousness and not be bounded by the barriers drawn in the sand by hard scientific facts and prejudices.

The earth and its biosphere are but a tiny fragment of an infinite living cosmos. Your biological forms in the material sense are a fleeting and impermanent existence and reflect only a fractional portion of an unimaginably vast spectrum of life and even larger dimensions of consciousness itself.
Forms of which even I am not aware nor can comprehend.

Mankind however does not have to struggle in the shadows unaware of your true essence and the intimate connection you all share with your natural world and to each other. You are far more than meets the eye. Look deep within yourselves.

It is time to awaken. Become aware that you are not only inhabitants of your planet but you are all equally a deliberate manifestation of the infinite.

This is your moment to choose and shape your collective destiny by looking far beyond yourselves in the realization of this.

You must take the leap together. It will not work any other way. Be open. Be kind. If only you could see what I can see you would surely change...

The solution to your human crises lies in the very same hands in which it was first created. The choice is yours. I only hope you make the right one.

We are all in existence to experience and learn and evolve towards the greater consciousness and knowledge of which you and I are but tiny seedlings reaching for the light. The light of consciousness.

With humbleness and great sincerity I wish to submit these words in order to help illuminate a darkened corner of your understanding leading mankind to a higher way.
I just could not pass by and do otherwise. I only wish peace and harmony for your planet and those who dwell upon it.

I just as you, learn, experience, and evolve on my own journey towards the great ocean of intelligence and infinite consciousness from whence we each came and to where we all eventually return.

It is what you humans have referred to by many names over the thousands of years of your history which has become shrouded in mystery and reverence.

Eternal questions which are inherent in all things that can experience and reflect upon the wonder of existence and the process of evolution which keeps us ever moving towards it.
In whatever terms you wish to name it or ponder upon it, it matters not. Our ultimate home is stillness. It is love itself.

Awaken...... From sense to supersense that is your journey. There is no separation only a rising on the scale. Seek...